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Welcome Yahoo! Users

A big shoutout and welcome to the newest members of our community, the folks from Yahoo! Sports.  A quick jaunt over to the Yahoo! New England Patriots page and you will see links back to our fine home here at SBNation's Patriots blog, Pats Pulpit.  A most excellent welcome has been written by a member of SBNation's management team and is a great introduction to the world of SBNation blogs.

A few notes about Pats Pulpit.  We are rabid Patriots fans, sometimes to a fault.  There are many times (myself, one of the biggest culprits) where homerism takes over, but would you expect anything less?  I've lived no more than 40 miles away from Boston all of my life and grew up wearing Patriots colors.  That being said, I like nothing more than to learn from both Patriots and rival fans alike.  I truly enjoy hanging with my fellow Foxboro nuts, but I also enjoy hearing a different point of view from a rival fan or ANY fan with a another viewpoint.  I'm in this to learn.

My guidelines are simple: respect other's opinions, don't make it personal, and PLEASE stay away from vulgarity (my mother reads this blog!!).  I'm no prude, but 9 times out of 10, we can all say what we need to without resorting to cussing.  If you have a problem with another commentor or something they've said, let me know; I hate using my "blogging super powers", but will do so to keep this site a friendly place to hang and chat it up with others.

Most of all, jump in and contribute to the greater knowledgebase.  Use FanPosts to start your own thread and if you've taken the time to write a factual, news-worthy piece, you may end up on the front page.  There's no cold hard cash involved, but you'll be loved and respected by millions; they will bow to you and carry you on their shoulders...anyway.  Thanks for reading and...