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Fred Taylor to visit with Patriots


Released Jacksonville Jaguars' RB, Fred Taylor, is visiting with the New England Patriots today.  Big Cat Country has a rundown on how a Jaguars' fan feels about the departure of their 11 year running back and it's a good read.  For many Jags fans, Fred Taylor is so identified with the team that it's tough to see him go.  However, to be totally practical and somewhat heartless, their loss could be our gain.

Putting in a respectable 39th in rushing yards for 2008, Taylor could be a great addition to the Patriots' backfield.  With LaMont Jordan most likely packing his bags, we're in need of another back to augment Maroney, Morris, Faulk, and Green-Ellis (FB Heath Evans is a free agent, but could return).

Eleven years as a starting running back is a long time and, at 33, could mean Taylor only has a few years left before he calls it quits.  RB is a tough position from an injury perspective and his age could play a factor, but if used judiciously, he could help quite a bit.  Having three primary backs in Maroney, Morris, and Taylor would make for a potent triumvirate of runners while Faulk is saved for third down duties and Evans, if re-signed, for blocking back scenarios and heavy lifting.

Taylor also visited with the Buffalo Bills today and had this to say:

"I do have to go to New England later this afternoon, but after I visit with those places, visit with the staff, I just want to put everything on the table, get back with my agent (Drew) Rosenhaus and just see. At my age, it has to be a fit. It has to be that right fit from an offensive standpoint, as far as the staff, just everything. At the end of these visits, or wherever I have to go from here, I’ll just put every team on the plate and say this place, these are the pros and cons, and this place, these are the pros and cons."

No offense to our fellow AFC East brethren, but if you were Fred Taylor, where are your best chances for getting ring before you decide to hang up the pads and helmet?