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"Major Announcement" involving KC-NE trade

Props to BigBlueShoe for picking up on this post over at

There might be more than meets the eye to the deal between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs, then we know about at this time.  We do know that Mike Vrabel is headed to KC, supposedly for an undisclosed draft pick.  Who or what else might be included, may not be known until later this evening. 

Sources out of New England, have it pegged that’s there’s a “major announcement” involving this KC-NE trade coming at 6 pm EST tonight.  Does the deal include quarterback Matt Cassel going to KC along with Vrabel?  KC sending a player and possibly draft picks as part of the package?  Or is it just the media having fun and messing with the minds of NFL fans?

No one knows at this time, but we’ll have the answers in just about 75 (it’s 4:53 pm currently) minutes or so.  Stay tuned as I’ll have all the details once it’s all know.  This could become a very interesting move for both sides, if there’s more to it than we know at this time.  Would be a great for both clubs, helps get KC the players they need to rebuild faster.  While freeing up salary cap on the NE side of it, plus a few extra draft picks means an ability to reshape the defense also.

It's impossible to know what this means, but I've heard of a major announcement at 6PM.