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Will marriage turn Tom soft?


A little beefcake for the ladies...

Anyway, we all know Tom Terrific got married, right?  I didn't report it here or write a story about it because that would've been, well, silly.  Personally, I don't care if he sat on a mountain top for 7 months to heal his wounded knee, then went on a religions pilgrimage to get in touch with his inner feelings.  Apparently, stuff like this is major league news worthy.  In fact, it seems every thing Gisele and Tom do together is news worthy.  Pffftttt...

So I was cruising the web for new tidbits to pass on to y'all (which is a pretty hard thing to do considering Marima is the guru of links) when I came across one of Mike Florio's "pieces" on

And so he might have to show up at minicamp and beat the crap out of Richard Seymour (or Steve Gostkowski) in order to re-establish his rep, given his new wife's damning characterization of the two-time Super Bowl MVP as something other than a rugged, unshaven tough guy who plays sandlot football in Wrangler jeans and flip-flops.

This is simply ridiculous; Seymour would kick Tom's buttocks sevens ways to Sunday.  Anyway, Gisele's damning characterization of Tom is this:

“One thing that I thought was so amazing when I first met him is that he is innocent,” she said.  “He sees the world with colored glasses.  He’s very strong and focused in his job, but he’s so sensitive.”

I'm pretty sure I know why our links guru rarely points to anything from Florio.  He is, for all intents and purposes, a zippah head.  And I'm being kind.  He's a web hit monger who writes quips all day, nothing remotely resembling journalism.  He simply pulls stuff off of the web and comments on it.  Wait, that sounds like me...moving on.

One of my other "favorites", Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe, said pretty much the same thing when Gisele and Tom were photographed cuddling and feeding each other poolside in Mexico:

We'll forgive him, of course. Because he's Tom. He's delivered the goods. But surely someday he'll look back at that photo and agree that he must have been out of his mind.

Dan, I think Tom could give a crap about a photograph of him cuddling with his super hot, super model, super rich girlfriend.  Both Florio and you are simply hit mongers waiting for Tom's first mistake or lost game.  Then, the "I told you so!!" articles will start flying and you will proclaim yourselves the smartest "journalists" on the planet.  Has Tom gone soft?  Who cares.  As long as he's a "fighter pilot in a dogfight" kind of cool on the field, I don't give a crap.  Let him cuddle all he wants.  Maybe a few shots of him kissing his kid or changing a diaper wouldn't hurt either.  When he's yet again riding the rails to a record breaking season, what will you say then?  That marriage was good for him?  Putz.