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Pats Pulpit Administrative Stuff

Hello fellow Pulpiteers,

every once in a while, I need to diverge from the fun that is football and do a little administrative stuff.  Aside from writing about what a dipstick Mike Florio is, I've been immersing myself in Community Guidelines and a Commenting Guide.  I must admit to blatantly and openly stealing the latter from Chris at our fine Chiefs' blog, Arrowhead Pride.  I feel somewhat justified considering both Chris and his community participated in a failed kidnapping attempt of one of our own, NESilver.  The force was with NESilver and he escaped mostly unscathed.  Moves will be made to prevent any future hostile takeovers of our valued members.  More to come next week...

On the left hand side, you will find links to the above mentioned documents.  The goal is not to turn this into a locked down, tight as a drum, stuffy place to hang.  The goal is to attempt to put into words, a level of "maturity" to our blogging.  I have learned a great deal from folks who have blogged with knowledge, facts, and respect.  I hope the guidelines set forth in the linked pages help explain what the site is after.

As always, please feel free to comment on what you've read.  Afterall, I'm here to learn.