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Pats Pulpit's newest co-writer, NESilver

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In a move eerily similar to franchising Matt Cassel, Pats Pulpit is proud to announce our newest co-writer, NESilver.  The co-writer tag was a necessary evil; the Arrowhead Pride crew appeared to be sinking their claws quickly and we could not lose such a valuable contributor, not without a fight anyway.

On a serious note, NESilver has been a longtime and frequent contributor to The Pulpit, always seeking to educate, backing up his big football IQ and opinions with hard facts; lord knows I need help in that area.  As we approach the draft, he will be concentrating on statistics and player profiles for our recent  and past FA, UFA, and draftees.

A big congrats to NESilver and a big THANK YOU for all you've done and are about to do for this community.