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McDaniels vs. Bus Cook - former Patriots' OC in his first battle

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I try, lord knows I try to stay away from these little fights, but what else is there to talk about?  That and part of me wants to help defend McDaniels and show what a C(r)ook Bus really is.  If Cook wants to use the media to make his point, I feel obligated to use my little corner of it to show what a slime he really is.

There's probably a lot of stuff we simply don't know, but the plethora of invective I've waded through leaves me with two thoughts: a) what a sleeze Bus Cook is and b) what  a prissy little silver spooned whinebag Jay Cutler is (sorry Broncos faithful).  Bus is working super hard to make sure McD and Denver look like the bad guys, that his client is being treated unfairly and Denver management is not, in good faith, attempting to rectify the situation.  My take?  Cutler didn't get drafted in the first round because he lacks talent.  No sir.  He has an incredible arm and made it there on hard work and natural ability, no question.  However, I do believe he's let that "I'm a first rounder" thing turn him into an elitist snob, one in need of coddling and reassurance.

I like McDaniels; afterall, he was a big part of the success of this franchise.  So I may be a bit biased when I lean in his direction on this one.  But looking at some of the evidence, or what appears to be evidence, Bus Cook is smelling like something other than a rose.  Here's why:

  • Bus Cook and his clients - Bus has lost two of his biggest clients to retirement: Brett Favre and Steve McNair.  The only way he can drum up more business is to get himself in the media and, as it would happen, we're a few weeks away from the draft.
  • Bus Cook and Cutler - Cutler is entering the fourth year of a six year contract worth a paltry $2.3 million in 2009.  It must've irked Cook and Cutler to see Matt Cassel, who hadn't started a game since High School, jump into the starting QB spot and, in the process, garner a massive payday in his move to the Chiefs.  Afterall, Jay is a first rounder and Matt is a 47th rounder or something.
  • Cutler after Denver coaching changes - Cutler made it very clear that he wanted out of Denver when Shanny and OC Bates moved on.  Apparently he thought things would stay the same forever and he could throw passes in never never land for the rest of his career.  Guess what, millionaire baby, the world is a harsh place and this is a business.
  • Cutler and McDaniels - One scenario has the Patriots approaching McD about Cassel and Josh saying, "No thank you.  Cutler's my guy."  If true, Josh has big ones, turning down his former organization offering a guy he's coached for years and knows well.  Another issue in this is the Cutler/McDaniels meetings.  Josh needs to meet with Cutler and only Cutler; take Bus out of the picture because he's arsenic.

McDaniels made a mistake, a HUGE miscue in this whole saga.  He actually assumed grown men, getting paid millions of dollars, would act like grown men.  I guess he's used to guys who just want to win championships, guys who don't need drama in their life and are willing to prove, day in and day out, that they deserve the spot they have.

As New England fans, we're lucky, aren't we?