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MaPatsFan needs your help!! Mock draft at Stampede Blue

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I don't know how I get roped into these things, but they just seem to happen.  'Tis the season to draft our butts off and even though the real draft is a month away, that doesn't seem to stop everyone from mocking their brains out.  Today, I find myself sleeping with the enemy.  That's right, fans of "The Forehead" over at Stampede Blue got me picking for our beloved New England Patriots.

Like charging a hill, I'm not doing this alone.  You WILL saddle up soldier, DO...YOU...HEAR...ME!!  So get your draft synapses firing and drop a comment with your picks.  If you can throw in about two or three, that oughta give me enough material to not embarrass myself too much.  A wrong pick and they'll never let me forget it...for years.