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Kickoff Weekend: Bills @ Pats, 7PM 9/14 on ESPN

We ended the 2008 season with the Bills and pick up where we left off except this year, the opener is at Gillette AND, drumroll please, Brady is back in the saddle.  Sure, we could use some depth in a few areas, namely OL, but sit back and ponder for a moment.  Tank Williams is signed, "TO Killer" Leigh Bodden is ready to rumble, and Julius Peppers is doing the "Crap, what am I gonna do now" dance.  Fred Taylor may be in the twilight of his career, but he's adding depth and experience - something Belichick values greatly.

What does all of this have to do with the season opener against the Bills?  Nothing and everything.  While September is like 400 years away, like...ya know?...Belichick has quietly had a very busy off-season.  He's spent a great deal of time acquiring free agents, both in the middle and end of their careers, to add depth and experience all around.  Many have already said we could field a team right now, without the draft.  Now, speaking of the draft, let's not forget we have a first round 23rd, a second round 2nd and two more second round picks.  That's four picks in the first day!  Let's hear it for Bill!

I'm itchin' already.  I wanna see Brady at training camp throwing 60 yard bombs to Moss and watch all the other teams mouthing, "Uh Oh..."