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Antwain Spann will hand over #28 if asked by Fred Taylor

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Things like this define a class guy.  New to the team?  Heck, I don't care, have my number.  You earned it through many years in this league:

But don't expect any jersey-number fireworks when it comes to new Patriots running back Fred Taylor and No. 28.

If Taylor wants 28, the number he wore with the Jaguars, the player currently donning it is willing to give it up. Soft-spoken defensive back Antwain Spann might try to bring Taylor down on the practice field, but he's not about to stand in his way if he wants 28.

"If he approached me, I’d do the right thing and respect him. He’s been in the league a long time, that's a future Hall of Famer," Spann said. "For me, I’m not established yet. It’s not about a number for me. It’s about trying to earn a roster spot."