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Patriots scouting Quarterbacks

Why, on earth, would Belichick scout another quarterback?  Simple: you can never have enough guns in your arsenal.  Your main gun, a backup, and a few your working on.  Tommy Terrific isn't going to be around forever (sorry gang) and the need to keep the flow of talent at the position is crucial to a team's success.  If you don't believe me, people MUCH smarter than this blogger say so:

Former Green Bay Packers general manager Ron Wolf once made the point that it's good business to draft a quarterback each season and attempt to develop him.

Because quarterback is the most important position on the field, teams that consistently produce them either benefit on the field or in the form of a trade (e.g. Matt Hasselbeck traded from the Packers to Seahawks).

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports we've held a private workout with Rhett Bomar:

"Who knows how interested they are?" Bomar told Williams. "It’s good they sent their quarterbacks coaches to work me out. Brady would be a great person to learn from, and a great situation to be in."

I believe they're never going to stop looking for the next Tom Brady.  2008 was a scary year and having talent at that position is vital to the success of the team.  Is that guy Kevin O'Connell?  Maybe.  With a year in the system, he could be poised to take the job in a few years.  I'd like to see him ALOT this preseason before making a determination, but he seemed to have some chops when he was in last season.  Who knows.