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Where's the binky? Broncos' Cutler laments Cassel nearly taking his job

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I rarely, if ever, rant about stuff (NESilver is ROTFL'ing right about now ;-)), but the whole Jay Cutler "Whinefest" gives me something to hang my hat on.  I try to stay away from this sort of thing - slamming rival fans' players - but this one sort of involves us.  Our very on and most excellent Denver Broncos blog, Mile High Report, had this to say:

I'll re-iterate what I said before.  The Broncos are correct to look into any deal regarding anyone on this team.  Jay Cutler needs to realize that as much as he wants to think he is Peyton or Eli Manning, or Ben Roethlisberger, or even Phillip Rivers, he isn't.  What he is, however, is an employee of the Denver Broncos.  He wasn't traded, and my feelings are it is because the Broncos determined, after looking at any proposed deal, that it would not be in their best interest.

Just to refresh your memories, there was a very real possibility Matt Cassel would be packing his bags for Denver instead of Kansas City.  Josh McDaniels, former OC of the New England Patriots and now HC of the Denver Broncos, was working Belichick hard to send his former backup QB to Mile High Stadium and Jay Cutler to Tampa Bay in a 3 way trade.  In return, NE would get draft picks.  As we know by now, that deal never reached critical mass and Cassel ended up in Kansas City.

Again, I rarely do this, but a great deal of the Broncos faithful think Cutler is being a baby about this, so I feel I have poetic license.  ESPN quoted Cutler and his agent as saying:

"I'm upset," he told The Denver Post. "I mean, I'm really shocked at this point."

And this from Cutler's agent, James "Bus" Cook, who told The Associated Press, "Nobody's going to call the [New York] Giants and ask for Eli [Manning]. Nobody's calling the [Indianapolis] Colts asking about Peyton [Manning]. [Tom] Brady? Come on. So, why call Denver and ask about Jay? And if they do call, why not say, 'That's not for discussion. What else do you want?'"

Jay?  Look at your hands.  Go ahead, look at your hands.  What's not there?  Yes Jay, the answer would be Super Bowl rings.  Tom Brady and Archie Manning's sons are legit franchise guys with the hardware to back it up.  I have no doubt in my mind that you are a talented guy, but you have to prove it, especially to a new head coach who's been called in to rescue a struggling franchise.  You are product, just like every other player in the NFL.  Teams have a right to trade you if they're allowed.

As for the little hissy fit you're throwing, not returning your HC's phone calls, man up cowboy.  Prove why he should have faith in you.