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On the Patriots, what do the numbers 21 and 28 have in common

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Yes, there multiples of 7.  I may be old enough to pause a bit when running through my times tables or, more accurately, old enough to quickly whip up a spreadsheet to do the calculations, but I'm not totally stupid (16 year old daughter in the background rolls her eyes).  More to the point, 21 and 28 are the numbers of two of the classiest players on our team.  When Fred Taylor joined the Patriots as our newest running back, there was speculation as to what number he'd wear.  With 11 years in the NFL, all with Jacksonville, Taylor had always worn 28 on his back.  When he came to the Patriots...put the brakes on.  Antwain Spann wore 28.  Being the classy underclassman that he is, Mr. Spann said:

If Taylor wants 28, the number he wore with the Jaguars, the player currently donning it is willing to give it up. Soft-spoken defensive back Antwain Spann might try to bring Taylor down on the practice field, but he's not about to stand in his way if he wants 28.

“If he approached me, I’d do the right thing and respect him. He’s been in the league a long time, that's a future Hall of Famer,” Spann said. “For me, I’m not established yet. It’s not about a number for me. It’s about trying to earn a roster spot.”

Fast forward to today.  Antwain is still wearing 28 and Fred chooses 21:

Veteran running back Fred Taylor, who wore jersey No. 28 throughout his career in Jacksonville, will don No. 21 as a New England Patriot.

Safety Antwain Spann wears No. 28 in New England, and he said he was willing to give it up for Taylor. But Taylor must have preferred 21, which he wore at the University of Florida.

I think I need a tissue, I'm having a moment...I'm a little verklempf right now.  Seriously, does Belichick breed classy players or simply attract them?  Mr. Taylor, you're a future HoF'er and I'm just getting my career started.  #28 is yours if you want it.  That's ok, Antwain, it's your number and you were here first.  I think I'll choose 21, the number I had in college.

I LOVE this team!!!!!