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Running down the moves: Patriots' week in review


WR Greg Lewis (Eagles) - The Eagles traded Glew to the New England Patriots for a fifth round draft pick and us essentially picking up his current contract which is structured like so: he has three years remaining on his current contract, which the Patriots would inherit in a trade (barring a restructure/renegotiation). He is scheduled to earn $650,000 in 2009, $670,000 in 2010 and $725,000 in 2011.  This certainly fills the void left by Jabar Gaffney's move to his old OC's new home in Denver.  Lewis, from a size and skill perspective, should fit nicely "in between" Welker and Moss.  He can do the outside sideline stuff like Moss (albeit in a few yards) and may become a look for Brady when Moss is doubled (which can be quite a bit).  If BB can really develop that three receiver set, there's no telling what might happen.  Welker underneath, Glew on the shorter, outside routes, and Randy loping like a Gazelle on the long stretches.  Kinda gives you goose bumps, don't it?  Welcome Greg.

CB Shawn Springs (Redskins) - The deal hasn't been 100% confirmed, but it's all but sealed.  Jetisoned CB Shawn Springs will be joining the DB ranks.  At 33 Springs is no spring chicken, but he does add much needed depth and experience at the cornerback slot.  If you recall, Belichick loaded up at CB in 2008 and then cut down to the final roster which included Deltha O'Neal.  We all know how that worked out.  Towards the end of the season, rookies Terrence Wheatley and Jonathan Wilhite got in some reps and fared pretty well in the first year as NFL players.  I could see either one of these now second year players grabbing a starting spot alongside Ellis Hobbs.  Unless, of course, we're able to somehow grab a star corner in the draft.


FB Heath Evans (Saints) - Potentially seeing the writing on the wall, FB Heath Evans heads south to Nawlins, taking over the the departing Mike Karney.  Evans was never utilized effectively, IMO.  I'm not saying Hoodie and McD messed up and didn't know what to do with him, but NE rarely utilizes a two back system (FB and RB), so Heath saw little action.  The signing of RB Fred Taylor could also indicate the desire to go with RB sized guys vs. the Big Men.  In addition, everything man Russ Hochstein has shown glimmers of FB skills.  Heath, I'm glad you found a home where you may be utilized more and thanks for doing what you do.

RB LaMont Jordan (Broncos) - I was bummed to see Jordan go, but the Fred Taylor signing was a clear indication their might not be room for LaMont.  That and they may have been clearing cap space.  Jordan isn't that expensive, but he did sign a $2.5 million deal with Denver.  Every million dollars helps.