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Is there room for TWO #81's in the East? T.O. is a Bill

Yes gang, the Buffalo Bills have signed Mr. Popcorn himself, Terrell Owens signed with our AFC East rival. Buffalo Rumblings had this to say:

Owens signed a one-year deal on Saturday, a deal which guarantees the enigmatic 35-year-old receiver $6.5 million.  The deal comes after the Bills - in what is, in retrospect, a highly irrelevant development - watched Laveranues Coles sign with Cincinnati.

75% of Rumblings faithful think the signing is a good thing.  Could this be a page from the Belichick signing of Moss?  Take a disgruntled, jetisoned problem child, give him a decent deal, and see if he can be rehabilitated?  If HC Dick Jauron can pull this off, the New England Patriots will have a problem.  Why?  As a divisional rival, we play Buffalo twice a year.  We've all seen what OUR #81 can do when he's hot, so it's not a stretch to assume T.O. could do the same.  That is, if the team and coaches are able to quickly detoxify Terrell.

In my mind, it's too early to tell if this deal will work out.  Buffalo could certainly use a playmaker, but that depends on how quickly Trent Edwards can develop chemistry with the ex Cowboy.  To wrap up, I'll leave you with a quote from Buffalo Rumblings:

Desperate? Yes.  Smart? Time will tell, but the move certainly has potential.  It's a bold statement on the team's part.  Fans who didn't believe that the Bills had winning as their top priority can now stuff their mouths full of popcorn.  You don't sign Terrell Owens unless you want to win.  You only put up with the sideshow unless you think that wins are coming.  Maybe they are.  Maybe they aren't.  For a team that is currently tied with the Detroit Lions for the NFL's longest playoff drought, it's a risk worth taking.