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How a Jay Cutler trade affects the Patriots

Jay Cutler is gone in Denver. He's whined and moaned his way out of town with the assistance of his boneheaded head coach, Josh McDaniels. The question now isn't if he will be traded, but when and where. One of the teams mentioned as a suitor for the kid from Santa Claus, Indiana (yes, it's a real place) is the NY Jets.

And, needless to say, if the Jets manage to get their slimmy mits on Jay "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" Cutler, it could dramatically shift the balance of power in the AFC East.

Look, even though we are getting Tommy back this year, the east is by no means ours. Miami has gotten much better. The Bills, if they can stay healthy, are a good team as long as J.P. Losman never puts on that dumb red Buffalo helmet again. The key to both teams is they have passable QBs. The Jets do not. 

So, if the Jets get Cutler, this gives them a QB who is on par (talent-wise) with Tommy. And it's not like Cutler would be coming to a team with the cupboard bare in NY. They won 9 games last year with a 39-year-old QB and an awful defense. They jettisoned "The Weasal" this off-season and replaced him with a strong-minded, defensive specialist coach, who managed to convince LBer Terrell Suggs Bart Scott, CB Lito Shepard, and SS Jim Leonhard that signing with Gang Green was a smart career move. These additions, plus a solid draft, will make the Jets defense very tough. They also signed OG Brandon Moore to bolster their already powerful o-line, which features OC Nick Mangold and LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson.

The only thing the Jets are missing is a big league QB. If they got Cutler, the Jets would then pose a much greater threat to our guys re-taking the AFC East over the Flounders and the Cattle Hides. So, let us all collectively pray that Denver's stupidity wil continue, and that they will trade the Santa Claus Kid someplace he is guarnateed to fail and never bother us.

Like, Cleveland, for example.