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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/15/09


John Cockrell Friday Out-Takes: Backpacking through Europe 2010 tour!

Listen, kudos on the annual regular season game played in front of jam-packed Wembley Stadium crowds but, Roger [Goodell], methinks you may be a little too focused on "selling out." A game here and there is, I suppose, fine. (Certainly not in the same league of foolish ideas as, say, spreading the draft over four days and kicking it off on a Thursday opposite "Lost.") But when word leaks that the NFL has quietly assured the London Mayor's office that they'll be exporting the biggest sporting event in America, a quasi-national holiday, to the UK in 2014...that's a different kettle o' fish.

Mike Reiss concludes LB Gary Guyton is the Patriots' answer to Jets talented RB Leon Washington.

I counted four different times in which Guyton was locked on Washington man-to-man in which he either batted down a pass or had tight coverage. The most impressive play came in overtime, in open space across the middle on second-and-15 when he maintained tight coverage on Washington and knocked down a pass.

Steve Wyche ( Stars are back, but will they be better than ever?

The Patriots won 11 games without Brady but failed to make the playoffs. They're seemingly more confident not just in him, but that his surgically repaired knee (follow-up procedures were needed to clear out infection) is healthy enough to push them back to the Super Bowl. Besides dealing Cassel, the Pats are rolling the dice with inexperienced backups Matt Gutierrez, Kevin O'Connell and rookie Brian Hoyer, which shows they feel extra comfortable with the status of Brady's knee -- and his arm.

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