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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/18/09

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Paul Perillo and Andy Hart debate: Do the Patriots have enough depth and talent at linebacker? 

Though there is still a chance the team could add veteran talent to both/either inside or outside linebacker through free agency or trades, it seems to be getting more likely that it could very well end up that what you see at linebacker right now is what you will get, in some form, on the field this fall.

Mike Reiss asks former Patriot Irving Fryer his thoughts on the New England organization.

“I’m jealous," Fryar responded, laughing. "They're winning everything now. I would have loved to have seen Londen in New England because I love what they're doing there. You have to love Tom Brady. [Assistant] Ivan Fears is still there, and he was my coach in New England, so I'm happy to see what they've done. Mr. Kraft, I didn’t get an opportunity to play for him, but I have had a few opportunities to meet him. He seemed like a great man, not just a great business mind, but someone who understands people, has good morals and ethics. I believe he's a good man. I think that that's a good equation for success, so it rolls down from top to bottom."

Pat Kirwan ( ranks the Patriots 2nd in it's power poll behind the Steelers.

"Brady is back, and there were key additions in free agency that include Fred Taylor, Shawn Springs and a number of other veterans who will add depth. If the Patriots had secured a veteran outside linebacker, they would have been considered for the top spot."

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