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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/19/09

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Meet the Rookies: Julian Edelman

"Edelman is a very good runner and we see him as a player who has some versatility, probably as a receiver, maybe a running back," the coach said at the conclusion of the draft. "We'll see how that goes. He also played in the kicking game, so we kind of took him as an athlete and we'll just see how all that works out."

Chris Gasper notes OLB Pierre Woods is ready to prove his worth as a starter.

"That's what you prepare for," said Woods. "I was behind great veterans since I've been here. Now I guess it's time for me to step up. It's my turn to do so. I'll just go out there and continue to work hard and continue to learn, be a sponge to another young guy and also still learn from the older guys."

Alex Marvez says tampering has become NFL's dirty secret.

Roger Goodell has punished plenty of rule-breaking players during his nearly three years as NFL commissioner. The same can't be said of his stance toward franchises that break the league's tampering laws.

Illegal contact between teams and representatives for pending free agents remained rampant prior to the start of this year's signing period. Such tampering with players still under contract makes it difficult for clubs to re-sign their own talent. It also puts those few teams that actually follow NFL guidelines at a distinct disadvantage.

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