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Patriots 2009 OTA: Let the party get started

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Today wraps up the first of five OTA's or Organized Team Activities.  The schedule is as follows as reported by Mike Reiss:

  • May 18-20
  • May 26-29
  • June 1-2
  • June 4-5
  • June 9

    Notable participants were RB Fred Taylor and Tight Ends Chris Baker and Alex Smith.  The recurring theme with these vets seems to be they want to get a jump on the system and playbook; most of the Patriots veterans won't be seen on the field until the May 26-29 OTA.  That will, more than likely, include Tom Brady.

    P.S. Mousing over the picture will give you access to a gallery of OTA pictures.  It's guys stretching and stuff, but hey...whaddya expect in the off season? ;-)