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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/21/09

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Paul Perillo offers his observations from Wednesday's OTAs at Gillette.

“A lot of training, a lot of leg workouts, trying to get my legs bigger and stronger,” Crable said when asked what his offseason has been like. “A lot of one-on-one with [strength and conditioning coaches] Harold [Nash] and Mike [Woicik]. A couple of meetings and watching film and things like that to try to learn.”

“I have to learn,” Crable said when asked what the coaches told him to work on. “It’s my second year and I have to be more consistent and doing a lot of things better. They’ve voiced that opinion to me and I have to take that seriously.”

Shawn Crable at rookie mini-camp in May '08.

Christopher Price says all eyes will be on Kevin O'Connell as Brady's backup.

At the quarterback spot, the Patriots had three signal-callers working -- O’Connell, Matt Gutierrez and Hoyer, a free agent invitee out of Michigan State. But it was O’Connell who got the bulk of the work. The good weather -- no rain or wind -- was certainly advantageous when it came to throwing the football, and O’Connell took advantage. His passes were crisp, and O’Connell looked confident in the series of drills.

AP NFL won't vote on longer season.

New players union executive director DeMaurice Smith said players need to be aware of what's at stake for additional games.

"The players understand the cost to their bodies," he said. "The players understand how tough it is to get through a regular season. They understand how hard it is to try to stand up on a Monday morning. They understand why they need a day off on Tuesday. Their families understand when they get out of football and they have arthritis before they're 40. They understand the cost."

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