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Around the AFC East, Week 2: New York Jets

Continuing with this week's around the AFC East, Pats Pulpit chats with Gang Green Nation's JohnB about Plaxico Burress and the receiver situation.

PP: The rumor mill, most likely stoked by his agent, has the Jets showing interest in Plaxico Burress.  Are the Jets really in that much need of a WR that they'd go after the toxic Burress?  As an uber fan, do you want Plaxico on your team?  Would he even be a good fit?

GGN: To answer your first question, yes they are in that much need of a receiver. Right now the starter opposite Jerricho Cotchery will come from a group that includes David Clowney, Chansi Stuckey, and Brad Smith. I cannot tell you how seriously the Jets are considering Plaxico. They claim to be confident with what they have at the position, but they said the same thing about Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff at quarterback a month ago.

I would be fine with signing Burress. I do not mean to belittle the stupidity of his alleged actions were, but he is hardly the first football player to be charged with a crime. It seems like it has been a tad overblown by the media. If Burress' teammate and former Jet, Kareem McKenzie was on the free agent market, nobody would even raise an eyebrow if a team expressed interest. McKenzie was charged with drunk driving during the 2008 season, something one could argue is just as likely to put lives in danger as what Burress allegedly did. Do not misconstrue my words. This is a serious matter. However, I would not put him in a Pacman Jones toxic category over this one incident.

On paper, he fits almost every need the Jets have at receiver. He is a legitimate number one target. He can stretch the defense to open things up for the guys underneath. He also was instrumental in the development of Eli Manning. As you may have heard, the Jets have a young quarterback. Mark Sanchez would benefit from having a safety blanket like Burress. Because of all of the bad publicity, his pricetag will never be lower than it is right now. I could not tell you how seriously the Jets are exploring this, but I know I would be looking at it long and hard if I was Mike Tannenbaum.

I think JohnB makes a compelling arguement for Plaxico Burress, especially when you consider that Sanchez is so green and could use all the help he can get.  If connects with Burress and the other receivers early, this could be trouble for the Patriots.

Thanks to JohnB for his great answer on the Jets' receiver situation.  Check out my answers to his questions at Gang Green Nation.