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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/25/09


Ron Borges discusses Matt Gutierrez's motivation to stay prepared at number 3.

Here there are millions of reasons for someone like Gutierrez to stay vigilant. There are the 14 million reasons Cassel gave him when he went from afterthought to franchised free agent multimillionaire. There’s Brady, who was once as anonymous as Gutierrez is today, difficult as that might be to recall.

Peter King (SI) MMQB: King asked Wes Welker whether the 2009 offense can be as good as the 2007 offense.

"I feel we've gotten better,'' he said. "Back in '07, Randy and I were in our first year here, and I don't know about Randy, but I was worried about where the hell I was supposed to line up a lot of that season. Now, with so many touches over the last two years, the offense is second nature to us. This is a complicated offense, and getting to know it takes time. But now I think we both know it well, and we're on the same page with Tom every snap. Our goal is to continue to get better. I hope we can. We've got some good new weapons here, and it'll be great for us to get on the field together to see what we can do.''

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