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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/26/09

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Brady and Belichick practice during 2008 pre-season.
Brady and Belichick practice during 2008 pre-season.


Karen Guregian notes an ESPN camera crew caught Brady in passing.

An ESPN camera crew, filming the NCAA lacrosse championships at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro yesterday, also caught Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady throwing passes on one of the side fields. There was no footage of who was on the other end of his passes, but the two-time Super Bowl MVP looked fine dropping back and throwing during the brief video clip.

Michael Lombardi (Nat'l Football Post) discusses the issue of tampering in the NFL.  So... it's okay to break this NFL rule???

This is the business of the NFL. Tampering is always going to occur before the free agency period, in large part because of the Combine. The Scouting Combine is now the NFL’s version of a convention for coaches and executives. Virtually all NFL coaches and executives show up in Indy, and the NFL Players Association holds its annual agent accreditation meetings at the same time.  So all the agents are in the same spot, and all NFL executives are in the same spot — you make your own assumptions.

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