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Patriots first veteran OTA, Tom Brady attends

The Season Can't Come Soon Enough For a Healthy Tom Brady
The Season Can't Come Soon Enough For a Healthy Tom Brady

If you're paying attention, and I know this readership is, you know Tom Brady participated in the first of many Organized Team Activities today, as reported by Mike Reiss:

It's official. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady practiced with the team today.

As expected, Brady took part in the first day of the team's four-day organized team activity session that is taking place in Foxborough. Brady's participation was confirmed by Patriots spokesman Stacey James.

"He did participate," said James.

I think Stacey James went to the Belichick school of the understated.  However, I do appreciate it because, frankly, I'm already sick of hearing about it.  Mind you, I'm super happy Tom is back on the field, but I'm already dreading the endless analysis of his mobility.  Thursday is the first day media will be allowed at the Patriots' OTA's and I'm pretty sure most of our Boston reporters will be fairly level headed about the whole "event".  By most I mean Mike Reiss, Karen Guregian, and Shalise Manza Young.  I'm quite sure other MSM outlets will be blanketing us with ridiculous speculation about Tom's performance on the field.

Let me be one of the first to predict NFL Network will have, during some segment, an orthopedic surgeon analyzing film of Brady's practice sessions and I'm pretty sure Marshall Faulk will be the "analyst" in charge of a most enlightening interview with said doctor:

MF - Dr. Glockenspiel, you've done an in depth analysis of Tom Brady and his "alleged" return.  In your expert opinion, is Brady 100%?

Dr - Herr Brady appears to move as he did before, undt seems to have full range of motion.  However, when he sets up for you say...slant to Herr Welker, he appears to make a face.

MF - AH HAH!!!  So he's not up to par, right?

Dr - I did not say that, Herr Faulk.  I said he makes a face.  It looks like he's concentrating.

MF - There has to be SOMETHING wrong!?!?

Dr - There is one thing...

MF - Yes!?!?

Dr - He runs like he's wearing leg irons.

MF - But he always ran like that!  (Shouts off camera, "Cancel the check to this quack!")

Unlike the return of Peyton Manning last season, Brady appears to be in far better shape than his arch nemesis was.  And the Patriots organization doesn't appear to be hiding anything as was the case with the Colts' organization.  However, I do believe these situations are a bit different and this bodes well for us Patriots fans.  The desire to conceal information in Manning's case was most likely due to his recovery and readiness being in question up until the last minute.  While I'm still not convinced Brady's 100% until I see him in a live game situation, I do believe Brady was the man as soon as we traded Cassel.  I don't care how much of a cap hit we were going to take; there's no way Belichick would risk the season if Brady wasn't up to snuff.

The amount of positive information coming from every direction can lead us to two distinct conclusions, a) it's a carefully orchestrated media campaign to keep us feeling "warm and fuzzy" or b) Tom really IS ready.  Whatever the case may be, I'll be stoked to hear from our local reporters come Thursday's media access portion of OTA's.  Until then, I'll turn the tube off when I hear Dr. Glockenspiel analyzing wonderboy's every movement.

I intend to simply enjoy watching Moss, Welker, Galloway, and Lewis catch passes from #12.  Afterall, that's what opposing defenses will be watching ALL...SEASON...LONG.