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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 5/29/09

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Andy Hart offers his reactions from Thursday's OTA action.

At the conclusion of the main practice, many of the young players on both sides of the ball kept working out while the more veteran players did a series of sprints on the other practice field. Notable in all sprints and pre-practice running is that rookie safety Patrick Chung seems to always lead the pack, bursting out well ahead of the rest of his teammates.

Bob Ryan gets to the heart of who Tom Brady is.

There were things to like about the past eight months. Time to do this. Time to do that. Bond with his son. Get married. Fly here. Fly there. But we all know he was not supremely happy because he was not part of the team, and he was not competing. More than anything, he lives to compete.

He lives a complicated life, but there is no doubt which part of it excites him the most.  If Gisele is smart, she'll never ask.

Sports Illustrated: Manning or Brady?  Which QB is better set up for success in 2009?

Tom Brady is coming off a season-ending knee injury and returning to a Patriots squad that failed to make the playoffs for the first time in six seasons.  Peyton Manning is fully recovered from last off-season's knee surgery and will lead a Colts team that's made the playoffs seven years running but that lost its long-time head coach, offensive coordinator and offensive-line coach. NFL writers Don Banks, Jim Trotter, John Mullin and Ross Tucker discuss which quarterback is better set up for success in 2009.

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Links to Brady's return and more Thursday OTA news and analysis.