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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 6/01/09

<em>2007 Tom Brady & Randy Moss record setting season.</em>
2007 Tom Brady & Randy Moss record setting season.


Paul Perillo and Andy Hart debate if Tom Brady's return will be record-setting.

But the question here isn’t about good vs. bad – it’s good vs. great. We need to remember that before his record-setting romp through the record books with Randy Moss and Wes Welker in 2007, Brady had never thrown more than 28 touchdown passes in a season. His only true QB contemporary – Peyton Manning – has hit for 31 or more touchdowns just three times in a season, including his own record setting campaign back in 2004.

Mike Reiss highlights the unreliability of an NFL study regrading player injuries.

Owners should forget the flawed study they've been presented by the NFL regarding injury information, and simply talk to players - past and present. Or they should just come clean by saying: We're playing 18 games, we understand players are more at risk to injuries, yet it's a decision we're making based on finances.

Tim Graham (ESPN) wonders are the Patriots approaching a Wilfork in the road?

The monstrous anchor of New England's 3-4 defense didn't participate in any of this week's organized team activities. Nobody knows for sure why Wilfork hasn't attended the voluntary workouts, but it's a safe bet he's unhappy with his contract situation and wants to make sure the Patriots are aware.

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