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Around the AFC East, Week 4: New York Jets

In our second installment, we talk to John B from Gang Green Nation about Leon Washington.

Leon Washington appears to be very unhappy with is reported $535,000 in 2009 and has skipped Jets' OTAs to make a statement.  Do Jets fans believe if he signed a contract he should stick with it or is public sentiment in his favor?  Does his performance warrant a re-negotiated deal with one year left in his contract?  If things don't pan out, what is the backup situation or will Rex Ryan hit the wire?

The Jets are going to have a riot on their hands among the fans if Washington does not get his extension. He is the most explosive player on the roster and should have his best years in front of him. Even though just about everybody thought he was badly underutilized a year ago, he still found a way to dominate a few games. I have sensed some concern among fans the team has not gotten a new deal done already. I have heard no concerns the team will offer him a contract too generous.

Running back is actually one of the few positions at which the Jets have good depth, but there is no way the team finds a player who can replace Washington. He is the one player on the roster who is a threat to take it the distance every time he has the ball in his hands. I can't fathom a new deal not getting done.

Much like the Wilfork situation, Leon Washington is a "must sign".  John B is right about his value to the team; he's a super running back and deserves his payday.

Thanks to John B for his perspective on the Leon Washington situation.  Check out Gang Green Nation where I talk about Tom Brady's newest toy, Greg Lewis.