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A short respite, now I'm back

First, my apologies for having written so very little over the past week.  Or maybe you found the break refreshing, who knows.  I've been consumed by fatherly duties, specifically managing the volunteers at my teenage daughter's dance recital.  Let's just say there was a 24' spaceship, hairspray, and elbowing the school owner's niece in the head.  I'm not joking.  It's bad enough living in an estrogen bath, but a dance recital is no place for a male to find any peace.  That is, unless you're a male of the same age and that could be dangerous because the fathers of those sought after daughters (namely me) know you're there.  We may not be fast, but we're smarter than you are.  And we know what you're thinking.

At any rate, Marima has done her usual fantastic job keeping us informed as to the goings on with our New England Patriots.  We're entering the void that is the stretch between mini-camps and training camp, the time that all football writers dread.  Info from our Mainstream Media sources slows to a trickle and we start seeing articles about Vince Wilfork's shoe size, so please bear with me.  I still have a few tricks up my sleave.

Now, what was Vince's shoe size?