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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 6/15/09

<em>QB Tom Brady looks healthy running through this OTA drill at Gillette Stadium on 06/09/09.</em>
QB Tom Brady looks healthy running through this OTA drill at Gillette Stadium on 06/09/09.


Patriots All-Access:  Scott Zolak sat down with Bill Belichick this week to discuss the status of the team during mini-camp. 

Zolak: "There are a lot of demands for your time, a lot of requests that come in. Coming up at the Garden there's this legends event taking place. You're going to present Troy Brown. How did this come about?"

Belichick: "It's really exciting to be involved in The Tradition. Troy asked me to present him, and it's certainly an honor. Troy was a great football player, on and off the field a great person. I don't think any player I've ever coached epitomizes the word 'team' or 'playmaker' in critical situations the way that Troy did, so it will be an honor for me to be there. There are also some other pretty special people that will be at that event as well, so I'm honored to be a part of it."

Zolak: "You really enjoy these types of guys that you've gone to battle with. Their playing careers are over. We saw what you said about Rodney Harrison. These are pretty much layups – when these things cross your desk you're like, 'No problem. I'm there."

Belichick: "Well, those guys have done so much for me. They've meant so much to my career and our football team that it's a small price to pay to give back to them when they've given you years and games and big plays and championships. We have a special bond when you go through those things together."

Zolak: "You guys are all having a lot of much-deserved time off. Between now and the start of camp in July when everything's ready to go, what's the one thing you hope to accomplish or just get done – away from football?"

Belichick: "How about lose 15 pounds? [Laughter] And maybe catch some bluefish."

Jason Cole (Yahoo! Sports) says Brady's comeback will be as much mental as it is physical.

Brady is a quarterback who feasts on that blink-of-an-eye moment before defenders hit him, an expert in allowing plays to develop as much as possible before delivering one of his absurdly accurate throws. It’s one of the reasons that the Patriots are so good at running the many spread-formation, minimum-protection plays that Bill Belichick has picked up from his years of watching good friend and Florida coach Urban Meyer.

The unanswerable question for Brady and the Patriots is this: How will Brady react when bodies start flying for real and, inevitably, start landing to close to his repaired knee – particularly when some team or player tests his nerve intentionally? As ugly as it might sound, there’s going to be a time when some defensive lineman or linebacker goes low for Brady, taking a shot not just at Brady’s body, but his mind as well.

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Want to know why the Patriots are playing hardball with the Vince Wilforks of the world? Because soon they're going to have to pay very big for Tom Brady. Brady's due $14.5 million, total, over the next two years. Peyton Manning's due $29.8 million over the next two. Now McNabb's in line to make exactly $10 million more than Brady in 2009 and '10 combined. You tell me how laughable that is. Brady's not saying a word. His agent, Don Yee, is not saying a word. But they're taking notes about a system that's paying Matt Cassel the same money to play 2009 as Brady will make in the next two years combined.