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Patriots All-Access - Fred Taylor Q & A

<em>Patriots running back Fred Taylor (21) carries the ball during an OTA practice on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at Gillette Stadium.</em>
Patriots running back Fred Taylor (21) carries the ball during an OTA practice on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 at Gillette Stadium.

Steve Burton interviewed RB Fred Taylor, who recently appeared in studio as a guest on Patriots All Access.  The full video of the program (19.56 min.) can be viewed at, but I've included the transcript of the Fred Taylor Q & A portion below.

Steve Burton:  Welcome.  Good to have you aboard.  First impression of playing here in New England.

Fred Taylor:  First impression?  Great guys on the team.  It's a reason why they've been successful.  I don't want to get in to the past because the future is here, the future is now.  We're just a great locker room, a great group of guys.  They work hard, very intense, and they try as close as they can to be perfect, and you gotta love teammates like that.

Steve Burton:  When you look around the locker room, you see a Tom Brady, you see a Randy Moss, you see some of these guys...

Fred Taylor:  I see a lot of autographs I need.  Seriously, a lot of autographs I need.  But a lot of terrific guys.  Two of the main guys I was talking about [Brady, Moss] - leadership, intensity, passion, uh, striving for perfection, and uh, it's just a great feeling to be here.

Steve Burton:  What do you think your main adjustment is going to be?

Fred Taylor:  Biggest adjustment?  Well, I'm already making those adjustments now.  Just from learning the playbook... learning the guys names might be my biggest adjustment.  You want to be as friendly as you can with your offensive line.

Steve Burton:  Opening day is a ways away, but what do you think it will be like when you put on that Patriots uniform for the first time, to take the field for that first game?  It's going to be weird for you, isn't it?

Fred Taylor:  I'm getting used to it more and more now.  When I work out in south Florida, everything is Patriots, everything. 

Steve Burton:  Really.

Fred Taylor:  I boxed all my Jaguar stuff up.  Put it in the attic.  That chapter's closed.  I'll open it back up when I retire.  Right now, everything is Patriots first.  And it'll be weird.  It will be a little strange I guess at first.  Monday night.  Buffalo.  I've played here at night a couple of times.  I know what the fans are like.  I'm sure the first game won't be any different for them.  They're ready for football around here.  But I'll be excited.  I can tell you I'll be ready to play.

Steve Burton:  One last question, one last name.  Bill Belichick.  He's your head coach.  When you see him, describe him.

Fred Taylor:  (lets out breath) Wow.  Perception is crazy.  The media can give you all types of crazy ideas of people and how they are or how they seem to be.  He's passionate.  I haven't heard the "Rah-Rah" part yet you know, but all coaches have it.  He has his approach.  Maybe it's not time for that right now, but you gotta respect him as a man, as a coach.  He's been around a long time in this business so... just that resume alone... that's all.  I mean, that should be enough.