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Around the AFC East, Week 5: New York Jets

To round out our Around the AFC East installment for this week, I give you John B from Gang Green Nation.  John gives me the lowdown on a near miss with Plaxico Burress.

The Jets have passed on Plaxico Burress, at least for now.  Can you tell us why?  Is he too toxic?  Do you is the door closed or will Plaxico be wearing the green before September?

It's tough to tell exactly what the Jets are thinking. Remember, they were all set with Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff at quarterback two months ago at this time. My gut feeling is they won't pursue Burress. The team is moving into a new stadium in a year and struggling to sell PSL's. Woody Johnson has become very image conscious. This has been one of the biggest reasons the team has made so many big splashes, namely trading for two big name quarterbacks, Brett Favre and Mark Sanchez, in the past ten months. I wouldn't be totally shocked to see the Jets sign Burress, but the PR hit in light of the new stadium leads me to believe it will not happen.

I agree with John.  I think Plaxico Burress is somewhat toxic and should be avoided at all costs if a team is working something like the Jets are.  Let Burress go to the Raiders where Skeletor (aka: Al Davis) is one step away from dimentia.  Thanks to John B for his info on Burress and don't forget to check out Gang Green Nation where I run through our roster.

That wraps it up for this week's edition of Around the AFC East.  Have a pleasant weekend and to all the fathers, a Happy Father's Day!!