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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 6/02/09

<em>George Bussey #75 participates in a drill during the New England Patriots Minicamp at Gillette Stadium May 2, 2009</em>
George Bussey #75 participates in a drill during the New England Patriots Minicamp at Gillette Stadium May 2, 2009


Meet the Rookies: George Bussey.

[Louisville offensive line coach Brent]Myers said he often watched as Bussey routinely pancaked his man to the turf while also displaying the athleticism to move to the second level and clear out extra space for the running backs. The Cardinals used an inside-outside zone-blocking scheme and Bussey's power was evident.

Michael Felger encourages Patriots fans to be patient with Tom Brady as he returns to form.

Maybe Brady will round into form quicker [than Peyton Manning]. Maybe he'll be a bit slower. No one knows. But this you can take to the bank: the Pats' early season opponents in 2009 are going to put as much traffic at his feet as they can and make him prove he's cleared that hurdle. The Jets, who ranked seventh in the NFL in sacks last season, will show no mercy in Week 2. The Ravens and their hard-charging defense come calling in Week 4. Then there's a trip to Denver, where Josh McDaniels will attack Brady with reams of inside information. In Week 6 it's a visit by the chippy Titans followed by a long, overseas flight to London in Week 7 to take on Tampa.
If Brady is on pace for 50 touchdown passes after that slate, then he is, in fact, a super hero. Get him a cape.

Alex Marvez (Fox Sports) Brady return is breath of fresh air for NFL.

Brady provides a welcome breath of fresh air from such negativity [from QBs Jay Cutler, Brett Favre & Michael Vick]. There may be no other NFL superstar as conscious about showing that he is a team player. During Thursday's 24-minute media session, Brady used the word "we" on 76 different occasions along with nine mentions apiece of "us" and "team." Because he didn't want to seem different than his teammates, Brady refused to speak with reporters at a podium or even stand on a riser arranged to give a better view to 20-plus photographers.

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