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Happy Father's Day!

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It's a great thing, being a father.  I know.  I have two wonderful daughters.  Good kids, don't get into trouble, and respect their parents.  They have their hand in my wallet on a daily basis, but that's what it's about, I guess.  When they were Tom's son's age, they needed to be held, fed, and watched so they wouldn't bang their head into the table.  Now, it's cars, boyfriends, and college.  Different kind of love, but no less intense.  If I hear, "Dad, you're so gay!!" one more time...

I love being a father and I love this day because I'm given permission to be a lazy sod.  Yep, I can do the things I want without fear of retribution, of hearing my name called many times a day.  My wife's not a nag.  In fact, she's far from it.  There's just a lot of dad things to do around a house: kill spiders, lift heavy things, mow the lawn, take out the trash.  But today, someone else does that for me, except for the killing spiders part.  Girls hate spiders.

I love the attention, so it would logically follow that YOUR dad loves the attention.  If you're lucky enough, like me, to be close to your dad (geographically and emotionally), spend some time with him.  Tell him what you think of him.  After all, he did have a large part in who you are.  If you're not close in some way, reach out anyway.  You never know the bridge you may mend or build with a simple word.

Time to go, I think I hear my name being called.  I wonder what it must be?