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Tom Brady is's All-decade quarterback

Let the hate begin.  I can see it now, especially from our fellow Colts fans.  The responses will be a) a stats war about how Peyton Manning is so much better and b) venomous invective directed at ESPN.  How on earth could ESPN be credible if they chose Tom Brady over Peyton Manning for their All-decade offense?  They were clearly out of their minds!  Save it.  It's an opinion, albeit a darn good one.  You see, it's based on hardware, 3 vs. 1 if you need a reminder.

Watching the video, Michael Smith offers up a good argument in Mannings favor, namely the number and consistency of 4,000 yard seasons.  Interestingly enough, Smith is a Bostonian.  When coming home, he should fly into Manchester or T.F. Green and sneak back to his hometown; Logan may not be the best option.

The Brady vs. Manning debate and onfield battle between the two is one of the best in football.  It drives the level of play up a notch when these two meet and makes for one heck of a rivalry.  It's good for the fans and it's good for football.

But I do giggle like a schoolgirl when Brady beats out Manning for anything.  Hehehe.