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Patriots Links 6/29/09 - Wes Welker a Giver, Not Just a Receiver

<em>2009 Wes Welker Football Clinic</em>
2009 Wes Welker Football Clinic

Ryan Stewart (NewsOK) Patriots' receiver Wes Welker's message well-received: Patriots star, Heritage Hall grad reaches out to area youths with camp.

The camp is designed to help underprivileged youth in the area by allowing them an opportunity they might not have been able to experience otherwise. And it’s free.

"Being able to give these kids this experience is the most gratifying thing for me," Welker said. "These kids rarely get opportunities and they are so happy to be there, grateful and appreciative. Their response every time makes it worthwhile."

Katie Taylor, 83 Foundation executive director, said the event has grown steadily and reached an all-time high with 360 participants this year. She said a lot of the success directly comes from Welker’s genuine passion to help underprivileged children in Oklahoma City.

"It’s stressing the things you learn being part of a team and having people you can rely on. Wes is trying to instill life lessons ... his goal is to build a better community. That’s what fuels Wes."

Rich Perillo Meet the Rookies: Patrick Chung

"This is a guy that fits the Patriots mold to the highest level," said Oregon's secondary coach John Neal

According to Neal, Chung may have played more plays than anyone in college football history. He was a four-year starter for the Ducks (a string of 51 straight games) and played nearly every play on defense and all four special teams. In his junior year alone he participated in more than 1,300 plays. Think about that stat and let it sink in. Thirteen hundred plays in a 13-games season. Did the guy ever leave the field?

Neal said Chung is a tireless worker who loves everything related to football from playing to practice to the weight room to film study. He is consumed with being the best football player he can possibly be.

"His football intelligence comes from all the reps he's had over his career and because he loves to play and practice so much," Neal said. "He works so hard, I'd like to know how many push-ups he's done in his life. He does them all the time."