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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 6/05/09


Andy Hart introduces us to rookie Rich Ohrnberger.

"The best story I could tell about him and the one where I thought that he just did an outstanding job for us was the game we played at San Antonio against Texas A&M," [assistant coach Dick] Anderson said, recalling Penn State's Alamo Bowl victory after the 2007 season in which his offensive line paved the way for 270 yards rushing.

"During the course of the week that we were out there Rich lost 10 pounds. He had a virus. He had a fever. The whole week virtually that we were there he was sick in his room. He would not miss a snap in practice, would not step out for any reason. He played the game with a fever, the entire game indoors. So Rich is a durable guy. He's a tough guy mentally."

Tony Massarotti tells Patriots Nation to prepare for life without Vince Wilfork.

Let’s be clear here. Nobody is criticizing the Patriots for their way of doing business -- it works. As an evaluator, administrator, and coach, Belichick has proven he is the most important part of the operation. The Pats haven’t had a losing season in this millennium. The Patriots drafted former BC defensive tackle Ron Brace with one of their first selections in the April draft. As has most often been the case -- Samuel looks like the one exception -- the Pats appear to be one step ahead in the game that is played off the field.

Wilfork? He is a talented, likable man with a colorful personality. Between the lines and in the community, he has been a valuable asset to New England. But Wilfork has his Super Bowl ring and he has his own family, and no one can begrudge him for making selfish decisions at an important point of his career. In New England, especially, there comes a point where the paths of the player and the organization diverge, and Wilfork certainly appears to be at that point.

Jeff Legwold (Fox Sports) puts Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio and QBs coach Bill O'Brien on the hot seat.

Some folks wondered why the Patriots were so intent on bringing former long-time Titans general manager Floyd Reese on board earlier this year when Caserio was expected to have a big hand in the team's personnel department with Scott Pioli's departure.

It may be because Bill Belichick has had Caserio coaching on the field with the offense in offseason work with former offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' departure. O'Brien, the team's quarterbacks coach, was promoted to that job when McDaniels left, as well.

With Tom Brady back, the two find a hefty helping of expectations greeting them.

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