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Around the AFC East, Week 3: New York Jets

To start of this week's installment of Around the AFC East, I chat with John B from Gang Green Nation John B compared and contrasted Eric Mangini with Rex Ryan.

Eric Mangini, continuing his string of questionable decisions, continues to show why he was run out of New Jersey.  It's early, but can you tell us what Rex Ryan is doing differently that impresses you?  Compare and contrast Mangini and Ryan, if you will.

John B: Teams that make coaching changes often look for the polar opposite of the guy they are replacing. That has certainly been the case with the Jets. Rex Ryan and Eric Mangini could not be more different. While Mangini was reserved and calculating, Ryan is brash and unafraid to make the bold quote. While Mangini brought a business mentality, Ryan chewed his players out during his first practice because he didn't think they were having enough fun on the field. If you want the biggest difference, though, I would have to say it is defensive philosophy.

The Jets have a lot of playmakers on defense. The biggest complaint a lot of fans had about Mangini is he did not utilize his talent properly. His defensive calls were primarily read and react. On the instances the team blitzed, they were generally poorly designed and ineffective. Ryan runs a much more aggressive system and is known as one of the best schemers in football. He seems to live by his father's philosophy, "If they block five, I'll bring six. If they block six, I'll bring seven." Ryan's goal is to attack and put his playmakers in a position to make plays. Defensive players are naturally more enthused with this environment than they were with the one Mangini created.

There's a lot of good info in here about Rex Ryan, particularly Ryan running a very aggressive system.  It'll be interesting to see how it plays out on the field this year; we could be in for some head knockers with the boys from New York.  Props to John B for his most excellent answer.  Head over to Gang Green Nation for my answers to his question about my favorite offseason acquisition (Hint: he used to wear #28).