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Around the AFC East, Week 3: Buffalo Bills

Heading over to Buffalo, we chat with Brian Galliford from Buffalo Rumblings about the "lopsided" rivalry our two teams share.  Check out what Brian has to say.

Sorry to bring up this perennial sore spot, but Seth Wickersham of ESPN considers the Patriots vs. Bills matchup one of the most lopsided in the NFL.  He goes on to postulate that this year, the Bills might have the tools to come out on top.  What do you think?  If that's true, what are those tools?

Clearly, I think Wickersham is wrong.  "One of" the most lopsided matchups in the NFL?  How about the most lopsided matchup in the NFL.  The Pats have beaten the Bills in eleven straight contests.  They've outscored them 321-96 in those contests - that's an average score of 29-9.  I defy anyone to find a more thoroughly routine butt-whipping between two franchises over the past five years.

I'm not sure he's right in saying that the Bills have a team that can compete with New England this year, either.  Clearly, the fact that the team has put together legitimate offensive talent at the skill positions is going to help.  We scored a whopping 10 points against you guys last year; this new-look Bills offense could grab that total by halftime in the MNF season opener (which is a short 101 days away).  You can't win if you don't score points, and we haven't scored points against the Patriots, plain and simple.

There are too many questions that the team has to answer at this point to predict anything other than the status quo in this matchup.  Is Trent Edwards capable of leading a competent NFL offense?  Can the re-tooled offensive line hold up?  Do the Bills have the capability to lay a fingernail on Tom Brady's pristine jersey when he drops back to pass?  Is it possible for a player in a Bills uniform to actually make a big play in a divisional game?  These are the critical questions; if the Bills can answer those, then they'll at least compete with the Patriots in 2009.

All eyes will be on the season opener with the Bills and whether or not their new offensive talent will begin contributing is something I'll be watching.  They were so strong out of the gate last year, but this is a new year.  Thanks to Brian Galliford for talking to us about this season and seasons past.  Check Buffalo Rumblings for my answer to his question about the Patriots' offensive line.