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Willie McGinest as a Patriot...again?

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I must own up to a soft spot for Willie McGinest. Joining the Cleveland Browns for the 2006 season, Willie spent 12 years prior on the Patriots. He was a monster at OLB, in the prime of his career and eating dirt long before Belichick arrived. He paid his dues and when he got his rings and decided to cash in, I had no problem with that. He deserved every good thing that came to him because he always gave everything to us fans.

Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe reports:

A source close to McGinest said today that the veteran linebacker would like to return for a 16th season and maintains a relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick, but there have been no formal talks aimed at bringing McGinest back to New England and no offer from the Patriots.

Willie is the man, no doubt. But this would largely be a sentimental move. Think Troy Brown and ask yourself, "Would Willie McGinest be good for the team?"