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Patriots Links 7/10/09 - Belichick is Jon Bon Jovi's Role Model

<em>Jon Bon Jovi at Pats training camp with Bill Belichick in '07.</em>
Jon Bon Jovi at Pats training camp with Bill Belichick in '07.

Joe Brescia (NY Times) Jon Bon Jovi recently pointed to Bill Belichick as his role model for drafting players for the Arena Football League team he owns, Philadelphia Soul.

"One of the things I hang my hat on as a sports owner is that I’m looking for men of character," he said.  "Not characters. I want role models for our kids, who are also great athletes. Like Phil Simms. When he led the Giants, he was my kind of guy. Bill Belichick is my kind of guy."

Jeff Howe notes this will be Brady's first year as a starter without Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels was the team’s quarterbacks coach for the last five seasons and was also the offensive coordinator from 2006-08, so he and Brady had a strong bond together. With McDaniels now out of the picture, the Patriots promoted Bill O'Brien to quarterbacks coach, and it is believed O’Brien will call the offensive plays from the sideline.

"Josh and I had a great relationship," Brady said. "That’s part of the NFL. Things change every year. There’s 13 new head coaches, and he’s one of them. I really hope that we find ways to move on without him. We’ve started that process. It doesn’t stop for anybody around here. You leave, and somebody else fills your spot and you’re anxious for the opportunity. We’ve got to work hard to get up to speed on everything. The coaches that are in that role are really doing that."



On still talking to Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick: 'Oh yeah, yeah. With Bill and Bill, they're unique relationships. Parcells, Belichick…Parcells is my father-in-law, friend and we work in the same business so it's a unique relationship. When it became a father-in-law, son-in-law relationship it changed. But it changed for the better. So we talk quite often.' Even though they're competitors: 'He still wants me to succeed."

On Bill Belichick: 'With Belichick, we stay in touch. The important relationships in this business transcend what you do on the field. It's like players and coaches. There's relationships…with Belichick we worked together for 17 years and we were friends prior to that.'"