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Patriots Links 7/13/09 - Drew Bledsoe makes the list

[Editor's Note: Marima's the links master, no doubt.  She's on vacation in the wilds of Maine, so you'll have to put up with me for a week.]

Jim Donaldson (Projo) lists the 10 Best Moments in Sports History.  Of course, loaded with Patriots factoids, he gives some love to Drew Bledsoe:

8. Drew Bledsoe’s overtime TD pass to Kevin Turner in 1994

That’s how it’s listed on the Pats’ web site. The much bigger story is that the pass to Turner was Bledsoe’s 70th of the game and his 45th completion – both NFL records. Throwing on 34 consecutive plays in the second half, Bledsoe passed for a club-record 426 yards while rallying the Pats from a 20-0 deficit to a 26-20 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. It’s the greatest individual, single-game performance I’ve seen in all my years of covering the Patriots.

Lynn Worthy (Lowell Sun) reports local high school stars represent New England Patriots at national competition.

The group of 12 players and two coaches earned the right to represent the New England Patriots in the national tournament beginning tomorrow at Winter Park, the Minnesota Vikings' training facility, as part of the NFL's High School Player Development Program.