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Patriots Links 7/14/09 - don't overspend, Patriots have it right

Mike Reiss (Globe) discusses winning factors with an organization, specifically not overspending:

Reviewing some NFL-related content from the last two weeks, this piece by Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post caught my eye. I thought the article was excellent and could be applied directly to the New England Patriots in describing part of what makes them a successful organization.

Brandt, a former front-office executive for the Green Bay Packers who currently consults for the Philadelphia Eagles, makes the point that spending doesn't necessarily result in winning in the NFL. He uses specific examples from his time with the Packers to reinforce the thought.

John P. Lopez ( talks about what made Steve McNair one of the greats:

But as he had done virtually every day on the way to draft day and as he did every day until his death Saturday, McNair touched people and gave them confidence by just being Steve McNair.

It was the greatest of all of McNair's qualities. He didn't just make players around him play better. He made everyone around him feel better. Former Oilers scout Glenn Cumbee once said of McNair, "He's charismatic. When you're around him, you like being around him. You want to be around him more. I can't remember one better than him. He is unique."