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Patriots Links 7/21/09 - Patriots Close to Deals With Chung, Ingram

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<em>Tom Brady drops back to pass in Super Bowl XXXIX</em>
Tom Brady drops back to pass in Super Bowl XXXIX

Christopher Price reports Patriots are closing in deals with Patrick Chung and Jake Ingram.

With less than a week before rookies are scheduled to report for training camp, the Patriots have nine of their 12 draft picks in the fold. But even though all dozen aren’t yet present and accounted for, according to league sources, there is real optimism that they’ll all be ready to go when needed.

Of the Patriots' NFL-high 12 picks, as of Monday evening, only second-round pick Patrick Chung, third-round selection Tyrone McKenzie and sixth-round pick Jake Ingram remain unsigned. A reported season-ending knee injury at rookie minicamp makes McKenzie’s contract less of an issue. But as for Chung and Ingram, while the two aren’t yet officially inked, apparently there’s little reason for concern with either of them.

Sean Leahy (USA Today) offers his outlook on the 2009 Patriots and breaks them down by position.

The Patriots will almost certainly contend. At or near 100%, Brady, with his additional weapons, should put the offense into a groove similar to the one it enjoyed in the team's record-breaking 2007 campaign. The retooling on defense shores up what had become serious holes in the secondary. As long as Brady is healthy, the Patriots should challenge for a spot in the Super Bowl again.

Sean Payton (SI) MMQB: A surprise playoff pick, suggestion for Goodell, and 10 things I think.

If there is one player who climbs right back into the pilot's seat this season and doesn't miss a beat, it's Tom Brady Indications are he is 100-percent healthy and ready to go. I'm not going out on a limb here, but there are certain players who have an amazing drive for greatness, and he is one them.