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Patriots Links 7/23/09 - Jarvis Green Wants To Retire as a Patriot

<em>Jarvis Green signs autographs at Training Camp last year</em>.
Jarvis Green signs autographs at Training Camp last year.

Chris Gasper clarifies Jarvis Green's desire to extend his contract and retire as a New England Patriot.

If it’s up to Jarvis Green, it will not be his last with the Patriots, despite the fact the reserve defensive end was quoted by a Louisiana newspaper as saying 2009 would be his final season in Foxborough.

"Jarvis wants an extension with the New England Patriots. That’s what he wants,’’ said [Green's agent, Albert] Elias. "We called them about it. We want [him] to remain and retire a New England Patriot. Who wouldn’t? He’s involved in the community. He loves the city. He loves Coach Belichick. He loves [defensive line coach Pepper Johnson]. He’s won two Super Bowls. He’d be foolish to go anywhere else.’’

Shalise Manza Young notes Brady's pocket awareness and presence have always been among his biggest strengths, enabling him to slide away from pressure with that extra split-second to deliver a pass.

But while Brady's left knee may be 100 percent, there's no telling how he is mentally — and the between-the-ears recovery, other players say, is the toughest part about coming back from major knee injuries.

"We're so focused as quarterbacks down on the field, ignoring everything that's going on in very close proximity to you," [Former St. Louis Rams quarterback Trent] Green said. "When you're coming back from an injury, especially where someone hit him low, you need to feel that pocket presence, need to feel it closing. It will be good for him the first few times to get hit. He'll realize, ‘I can stand in the pocket, take the hit and everything will be OK. This is just work as usual.' "