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Back from Chicago

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Happy Saturday morning!  I'm back from the windy city and three straight days locked in a conference room with my boss and peers doing a review of this year's accomplishments while "strategizing" about the rest of the year.  Bored already?  I don't blame you.  However, I did get to eat well (Gaylord India in Schaumburg, IL makes fantastic Indian food), drink well (The Ram in Schaumburg - their '71 Pale Ale is fantastic), and watch Mark Buehrle of the White Sox pitch a perfect game.  I don't get baseball and when I do watch it, I'm a Red Sox fan (duh!!), but a perfect game is an amazing accomplishment.

Marima and NESilver did their usual fantastic jobs of providing great content for everyone to chew on.  The Patriots open training camp to fans on July 30th, so head on down to Foxborough, MA and soak it in.  If you do make the trip, please take some notes for the rest of us and post your thoughts in the FanPost section.  Write it well (think Mike Reiss) and you'll be front paged, receiveing the adoration and collective appreciation of your fellow fans.  That and 25 cents...

At any rate, this is the time of year when the buzz starts, when training camp gets under full swing (in a few days) and we start getting itchy.  I know I am.  How's Tom Brady's knee?  Will Darius Butler work his way into the CB rotation?  Does Joey Galloway have a few more gallons in his tank?  Can Vince Wilfork and the organization work out their contract issues?  There's plenty to think about.  And I'm stoked.