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New England Patriots Training Camp Primer

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This story is less about training camp battles and more about logistics, schedules, etc... For those of us within a reasonable distance of Foxborough, MA (I'm an hour north, near the New Hampshire border), this may be useful.

  • For all things Patriots Training Camp, check out the Training Camp section at
  • Look here for the schedule.  Belichick's working the boys with two-a-day for the first seven days.
  • Current PUP list includes Shawn Crable and Ty Warren; don't panic.  It could be nothing.
  • Mike Reiss reports Tyrone McKenzie and Jake Ingram are the lone two out of 12 draftees yet to sign.
  • Mike Reiss has put together a Fan's Guide to Training Camp.  If you're planning on attending, this is a must read and the videos really helpful.
  • From personal experience, make a day of it.  Watch practice in the morning, have lunch, and do some shopping.  You can get your football fix in and satisfy the shoppers in the clan.  Or, they can shop while you watch practice.
  • Buffalo is working hard on a no huddle offense.  Look for the Patriots to spend a significant amount of time learning to defend against that formation.  Props to anyone who knows another team that's big into no huddle.  Anyone?  Bueller?  I'll give you a hint: Five Head