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New England Patriots Links 7/30/09 - The Rap Sheet is open

The Boston Herald's new Patriots beat reporter opens up his blog, The Rap Sheet:

I’m Ian R. Rapoport, the Boston Herald’s new Patriots beat reporter. It’s been a few weeks since the announcement that I took this job covering your team, and the work can finally begin. ‘Bout time.

Karen Guregian gives us A closer look at key Patriots

Fred Taylor [stats]

6-1, 228

Running back

Skinny: At age 33, he may no longer be considered an elite back, but Taylor bears watching because he seems like a man on a mission. He wants to win a ring. He wants to dispel any injury-prone reputation he may have inherited. He also wants to stick it to the team (Jaguars) that essentially gave up on him. Even with 11,271 rushing yards in the books, there’s some gas left in his tank.