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Brady and Moss ready to chat it up between sessions

Ya know, sometimes it's just not fair.  When I read the first paragraph of this Mike Reiss blog entry, I was psyched to put up a story asking you all what questions you'd ask Tom and Randy.  Then I read the second paragraph:

If you were holding a microphone, what would you ask them? At this point, what would you want to know about their mindset in training camp?

Wind taken right out of my sails.  Clearly, Reiss stole my idea. ;-)  It got me thinking, what is it that I'd ask Randy and Tom?  Here's my list.


  • How's your son?
  • Lose any flower pots lately?
  • What's been the biggest challenge as you gear up for this coming season?
  • How do you feel about the current group of receivers?


  • How are your soccer lessons with Wes coming along?
  • How do you feel about Tom coming back?
  • How would if feel to wipe the smile off of "The Real 81" during the season opener against the Bills? I wrote these, I realized both Randy and Tom would have to give an evasive answer, at best.  So, in my best Belichickian tone, I will endeavor to answer one for you.

Q: How do you feel about Tom coming back?

A: Well, it's great to have Tommy back.  I know he's real excited to play and we're all happy for him.  He got married, his wife is's all coming together for him.  Matt Cassel did a great job.  He's a good friend and I wish him well.  I'm looking forward to working hard with Tommy and hopefully that work translates into success on the field.

Now, this is what he REALLY wanted to say.

Q: How do you feel about Tom coming back?

Are you freakin' kidding me?  When I saw Tommy in the locker room, I squealed like a schoolgirl.  I like Matty and all, but if he turned me inside one more time, I was gonna get all medieval on his gluteus maximus.  DOWNFIELD!!  DOWNFIELD!!  Keep me away from linebackers!  I'm a scrawny, toothpick.  Ryan Clark would've broke me in two with that hit on Wes Welker.

If you're so inclined, feel free to leave questions you'd ask Tom or Randy.  If you're as dopey as me, feel free to yuck it up a bit.