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Pats Pulpit's list of 5 Most Overrated Players

I must admit, I stole this idea...sort of.  Stampede Blue is running a story entitled, 5 Players You'd Like to Kick in the NutsRodney Harrison seems to top the list.  I'm SHOCKED!!  Colts fans hating on Rodney?  At any rate, Behind the Steel Curtain ran a similar fanpost entitled, Top 5 NFL players I'd like to punch in the face.  Well, I'd like to put a little spin on it, listing the the top 5 most overrated players in the NFL today.

  1. Peyton Manning - Stats, stats, stats...that's all I see from Colts fans.  I have no doubt he's a great QB and an HoF'er to boot.  But he's not the greatest to ever play the game and he's certainly not worthy of all the praise he gets.  Let's not forget, he only has 1 ring to prove his "greatness".  Colts fans will discount Brady's 3 rings in 4 trips, but ask Manning what he'd rather have - stats or rings?  I think you know the answer.
  2. LaDainian Tomlinson - At one time, LT was the man.  He's not anymore.  Is he a victim of the Chargers' organization or simply washed up?  Plus, I can't stand the way he pouts like a baby when things aren't going his way.
  3. Jay Cutler - Back to the quarterbacks, he's done nothing for the Bronco's organization other than cause them grief.  He was PO'd when backup Matt Cassel got a better contract than him, so the first round, silver spooned baby had a hissy fit when his new coach, Josh McDaniels, essentially expected him to man up.  Good luck to the Chicago Bears.  You've just inherited a highly paid head case.
  4. Terrell Owens - There is a paltry 100 reception difference between T.O. and Randy Moss - and Moss is four years younger!  I have a feeling Randy won't have any trouble making up that difference considering his lowest year was 2006 with 42.  Yardage?  A mere 1,000 yards difference with four more years in the league for T.O.
  5. Colts Defense - For all the rankling Colts fans do about the greatness of Dungy's Cover-2 style defense, 2008 was a very mediocre year. ranks them 11th overall and if you prefer Football Outsiders' DVOA, they're ranked 14th.  That doesn't seem great.  In fact, it seems relatively average.  I don't see how Cover-2 style defenses are any better than your garden variety 3-4 or 4-3, especially when it comes to the Colts.

There you have it.  That's my list.  Pipe up, Patriots fans.  Let's have your list of the 5 Most Overrated Players.